Push off.

The crispy newness of freshly fallen snow and silence save for the hiss it makes passing quickly underfoot. Methodically stepping uphill and pausing to billow frozen breathe. Push off for another run. Passing through gates to follow contours of ridgelines to go further out. Push off for another run. Reveling in laughter and friendship as the sun rides low and pale yellow above the pines. Push off for one last run.

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How Altitude Affects Hydration

The outdoor activities we love often have us venturing into the mountains and understanding how altitude affects hydration—and dehydration—can help ensure you’re able to maintain peak levels of performance. From trail running in Colorado to ski-touring in the Andes, find out how to dial in your high-altitude hydration program.

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How Altitude Affects Hydration

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The Perfectly Balanced Kamber 42

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