More often than not, the trail keeps going.

Over rock and root, through stands of towering, ancients trees, and across meadowed expanses where wind moves grasses like waves across an ocean. Down desolate coastlines and along ridges with vistas so far off you think you can almost see where they bend at the edges. And the trail keeps going, inviting you along to discover more truths and treasures along the way. So, you go.

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Backcountry Water Safety

Whether you’re flashing a 20+ mile loop in a day or spending multiple nights in the backcountry, at some point you’ll have the need to replenish your water supply on the trail. Making a pre-trip plan, having a reliable treatment method, and knowing what sources are cleanest from the get-go will ensure you remain well-hydrated throughout the duration of your hike.

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Backcountry Water Safety

Dakine & Hydrapak

Osprey Mira 32

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Backcountry Water Safety