Stay fluid.

The way water flows calmly over the chaos of a bouldered stream bed, the muscles in your arms, legs, and back fire in concert to keep your wheels rolling smoothly down the trail. You see the roots and rock drops ahead and pull up and push over. Letting it all go in the berms and reveling in the reward of riding the wall higher than last time. Refocus. Look ahead. Stay fluid.

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Supplementing with Electrolytes

Water isn’t the only thing that needs replenishing while participating in high-output activities. When you sweat, your body loses valuable electrolytes it needs to maintain peak performance, and depletion of these essential minerals can increase the effects of dehydration and cause ride/run/hike ending muscle cramping. Fortunately, with a bit of consideration, managing your electrolyte levels is fairly easy.

Supplementing with Electrolytes

Dakine & Hydrapak

The Easy Carry Dakine Hot Laps 5 L

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